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Ways to Listen

Gone are the days when you could only listen to WCLV by tuning your analog radio to the station. Now you can listen to WCLV no matter where you are. Here's a brief guide to the many ways to listen to one great radio station!


Listen to WCLV anytime... online! To begin listening to WCLV on your computer, launch the player by clicking the button below.

MP3 Stream Link

You can also access the stream directly by using this link:

104.9 FM

Yes, we're still broadcasting at 104.9 FM. And that's still how most people listen to WCLV. However, if your reception is marginal, or even if you live outside the Cleveland area, WCLV is still readily available.

90.3 HD2

Cleveland-area listeners who have trouble tuning in 104.9 FM can listen to WCLV at WCPN’s HD2 channel, 24 hours a day.

Just what is HD radio? Many radio stations, including WCLV, broadcast in digital in addition to their regular analog signal. This radio equivalent of television HD allows a station also to broadcast two or three more program streams. WCPN broadcasts a digital version of its analog programming at 90.3 HD1. WCPN’s HD2 stream is WCLV’s regular 24-hour schedule of classical music. For several years, WCLV has also made its programming available at 104.9 HD1.

The great news is that HD radios are now standard on many automobile models, and Sangean offers quality tabletop radios for use at home.

Your Mobile Device

Using your smart phone or tablet, you can enjoy WCLV programming anywhere you have mobile service or access to WiFi. While we recommend the free NPR app [iOS] [Android], a variety of other free apps are available.

Mobile Player

Access the WCLV mobile live player page here.

Personal Assistant

Many personal assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana, will tune to WCLV if you request it. Simply say, "Alexa, play WCLV," and you'll hear the station in real time. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Internet Radio

You don’t have to be tethered to your computer to listen to WCLV’s audio stream at There are many systems available that enable you to listen to WCLV anywhere in your home.

Several carmakers now offer WiFi connectivity, which means you can tune to WCLV in your car, regardless if you’re in the Cleveland area or travelling a great distance.

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