NewsDepth 2022-2023 | Episode 2

In this week’s episode, the CDC approved an updated covid booster for anyone 12 or older.

We hear about these underwater organisms spawning.

Natalia speaks with a fungi on this week’s Spot on Science

And we step it up celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Spawn (verb): A scientific term meaning that some types of lifeforms, like coral, are reproducing.

Consumer (noun): Organisms that can’t make their own food.

Producer(noun): Organisms who make their own food for energy.

Chlorophyll (noun): The element that gives plants their green pigmentation, and it’s what helps them convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis.

Decompose (verb): Breaking down dead plants and animals.




In this episode, we hear the story of a man who finally returns a library book 77 years overdue! We want to know: “What happens at your school library if you return a book late?”

You can use the inbox form to submit your answers.

We learn about producers, consumers, and decomposers in the energy chain. Our poll question this week is: ”Which one do you think has the most important role in the food chain?" You can choose between Consumers, Producers, Decomposers, or they are all equally important.

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